Welcome to the Travis Roy Foundation (TRF) WIFFLE Ball Tournament fundraising and registration site, where players, sponsors, donors, family, friends, and community come together in preparation for one of the TRF’s biggest fundraisers.

August 7 - 9, 2020, marks the 19th year when friends of the Travis Roy Foundation would have met at Little Fenway in Essex, Vermont, to share a weekend of magic, developed around a backyard WIFFLE Ball tournament. This year a number of virtual activities will replace the traditional tourney.

Cross a Vermont one-lane bridge, follow a remote dirt road and you will enter a place where hope springs eternal and love is bountiful.

The WIFFLE Ball action is fun yet there is a much bigger story. The tournament is the culmination of a year-long effort by hundreds of Travis supporters who are focused on shortening the path to a cure for spinal cord injuries and helping spinal cord injured survivors, who are in need of adaptive equipment, improve their quality of life.

We encourage you to join our special WIFFLE Ball family by donating to the Travis Roy Foundation. In 2020 we are striving to raise $200,000.

Above, you will see links to more information about sponsorships, ways to make donations, and opportunities to get involved. To donate to the Travis Roy Foundation on behalf of a player through his or her individual player fundraising page simply click on the "Sponsor Participant" red button above.

Lots of virtual events are underway this summer to replace this unique charity event. Visit the Travis Roy Foundation social media pages, watch for updates on our website, or catch the action on Pack Network's live video streaming of the games and follow your favorite player or team.

Little Fenway - Vermont - HD from Erich Schwer on Vimeo.


The Travis Roy Foundation WIFFLE Ball Tournament has become the marquee fundraiser for the Foundation. When it began 19 years ago, we had one field, seven teams, and raised $4000. In 2019, the tournament had three fields, 32 teams, and grossed more than $750,000. Believe it or not, it isn't so much the staggering amount of money we raise that makes the tournament special, but more importantly the phenomenal volunteers, players, and sponsors that go to extraordinary lengths to create and foster a weekend long environment that can only be described as magic. It is that “magic” that brings players back year after year, and willing to go out and raise money on behalf of the Travis Roy Foundation.

The growth of the tournament has enabled the Travis Roy Foundation to double the amount of grants it provides to individuals and to research. The TRF would not be where it is today without the remarkable rise of the Travis Roy Foundation WIFFLE Ball Tournament.