Travis Roy Foundation WIFFLE Tournament 2020

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Hello,friends, colleagues, and family,




Please consider sponsoring the Travis Roy Foundation's 18th Annual WIFFLE Tournament held every August in Vermont. Here's why...


Imagine if starting tomorrow and for every day after you woke to a care attendant walking into your bedroom. People you now depend on every moment to do basic things yesterday you did without thought.


One of the biggest challenges to paralysis is homecare. Coordinating who will help you through each hour of your life, day after day, month after month. Having someone you've never met bathe and dress you. Practicing patience while giving directions for the hundredth time on how tight you like your shoes tied, what pattern you like your teeth to be brushed in, how you would like your hair combed, and how hot is too hot for a spoonful of soup. Needing help with nearly everything. Tedious and frustrating, but for now, that’s your reality.


A car accident, a wayward trampoline jump, a slight hockey miscalculation--all of these things can and do lead to paralysis. But hope is rising for the 300,000 spinal cord injury survivors living in the United States alone:


  • Amazing advances in technology continue to create new ways for paralyzed people to be increasingly independent and productive.  
  • Breakthroughs in science are accelerating spinal cord injury research faster than ever before.
  • Because supporting the Travis Roy Foundation is revealing new clues about the mystery of paralysis, and is also producing measurable, life-altering improvements for individual spinal cord injury survivors struggling with daily life.


Please help support the work of the Travis Roy Foundation as generously as you can. Your gifts fuel research and provide adaptive equipment grants to help paralyzed survivors now, while supporting the promising advances of the future. So that maybe someday not too long from now the 11,000 people surviving severe spinal cord injuries each year will wake up, brush their own teeth, tie their own shoes, and walk out to greet the day all on their own.  


Thank you in advance for your generosity.


 - The Grimes Family


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